Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weissenbrunn; The little town with a big heart!

After a busy day in Frankfurt, the next morning we departed to find our way over to Bayreuth, the home of Richard Wagner's Festpielhaus (a fancy concert hall essentially). We took a walking tour around the small city, and visited a few areas that had significant historical meaning, including Wagner's grave. The area was  undergoing a lot of renovation, so we didn't get to see the museum dedicated to Wagner's work.
Wagner's Grave
There is no inscription on the grave because it is "obvious that no one but Wagner could be buried there."

After our tour stop in Bayreuth  we headed to Weissenbrunn, a small town of about 3000 people. The village was about as picturesque as little German towns can be, with small winding roads and rolling hills. We pulled up to a hotel in the middle of town for dinner and the distribution of students to host families. After a very quick change, we headed to the church with little to no time to spare before the concert. What awaited us was a church full of eager ears and loving hearts. Without any preparation, we launched into songs with only an organ to accompany our piano pieces. God more than provided though, in that church there was something that I can only describe as the warmth of the Holy Spirit flowing through each and every person in the building as we shared a gospel message in song.

The people were surprised at first. They thought that we were just another college choir. To quote the mayor, "We didn't know you would be good!"  The people wouldn't stop clapping, and their faces could not have been lit any brighter. They joined in making animal noises on Old Joe Clark, and prayed when we sang The Lords Prayer. In our devotions we have talked about letting the Holy Spirit work through us to reach people. I would say that this evening, the Spirit worked even more strongly through those people to reach us. I don't think any of us expected a night that we wouldn't forget in the small village of Weissenbrunn, but it was something to behold, and our prayers will be with those people in that place, that they may continue to be a blessing to all those around them. We also have a lifetime invitation to return again someday, and I hope that a strong connection is built between Concordia and this village. God works in wondrous ways, and this was truly a once in a lifetime experience, one that I cannot put in words for you to imagine.

We continue on our tour with renewed energy and a cheerful spirit, that we may continue to spread the message of Christ's Love through music.

-Joshua Weishaar (Sophomore, Bass II)

I have been taking a lot of large panoramic photos, if you would care to see any of the wonderful places we been including some of the churches and tours, I Probably have at least 1 panoramic of the scenery on this website.

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  1. Praise God! He is answering your prayers and the prayers of those of us state-side! Thanks for the awesome report, Josh! :)